Experienced Entrepreneur Offers Unique HR Service for Exceptional Candidates

Experienced Entrepreneur Offers Unique HR Service for Exceptional Candidates

Ambitious secretaries and personal assistants that are eager to climb the career ladder are being offered a unique opportunity to access exciting prospects with the launch of Secretary Affairs. The new, dedicated agency connects experienced, glamourous candidates with businesses seeking to fill vacancies across the world.

Secretary Affairs’ ethos of finding the perfect candidates that accurately reflect a business’ image and professionalism led to the creation of an agency that combines traditional HR values with some elements of a modelling agency outlook. The company works with exceptional candidates to find them positions in leading businesses worldwide. Candidates that possess both the high-level skills that companies are looking for, such as meticulous organisation and the ability to pick up new procedures quickly, and can make excellent first impressions could rise rapidly by taking advantage of the opportunities Secretary Affairs offers.

Michael H., founder and CEO of Secretary Affairs, said, “It can be tough to find career prospects in any market but Secretary Affairs is just what those looking for new personal assistant roles need. We work with top businesses across the world, presenting a huge range of opportunities for interested candidates that have registered their skills on our platform. Our processes mean that we’ll put forward jobseekers for the positions they’re suited to, eliminating the need to fill out numerous, time consuming job applications.”

The process to sign up to Secretary Affairs and start on a new career path is simple for candidates. Sending a resume, cover letter, and photograph to the firm’s HR Manager puts secretaries in a position to start receiving appealing job offers from international companies. Firms with a role to fill will then contact those with the right skillset for their position to arrange job interviews, giving candidates an opportunity to ask important questions about the role too.

Secretary Affairs’ unique approach was born from the experiences of the founder as a successful entrepreneur. Noting the important role his energetic, capable, and enthusiastic personal assistant played in securing lucrative business deals, he set out to offer a single destination for companies looking to utilise the same combination of skills to advance their business.

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