Experienced Printing Provider Re-iterates Importance of Press Wall Branding in Instagram Age

Experienced Printing Provider Re-iterates Importance of Press Wall Branding in Instagram Age

Printdesigns, the foremost wide-format printing provider, is today re-iterating the importance of investing in professional looking press wall when hosting any public event. While traditionally these solutions would have been reserved only for high-profile media interviews, todays ‘Instagram age’ has made this branding activity integral to any professional, business event.

Otherwise referred to as ‘media walls’, a traditional branded press wall is a large scale banner stand with a business’s logo printed in a ‘step and repeat’ format. Alternative designs involve a similar banner stand unit but with one large photograph or image stretched to fit the entire graphic. These vital marketing tools add prestige to any event, and when placed in strategic locations such as at the entrance, greeting guests upon arrival and during public speeches or interviews, these media walls ensure a business’s message can continue to be seen, long after the event is over.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of Printdesigns explained, “In today’s social media  age, almost every moment in life is ‘Instagram’ worthy. So events such as balls, conferences or fundraising events can certainly lead to a snap-happy audience. In order to leverage this, it is important to ensure your visual branding is noticeable, making an appearance on every picture that is taken. As your savvy guests uploads these images and tags them appropriately, your name is immediately exposed to a wide, relevant audience. Branded press walls are perfect for providing the visual impact needed to make the most of this opportunity.”

Ensuring a logo appears on relevant Instagram news feeds has never been more important for businesses, with the platform itself stating that 60% of its users discover new products on Instagram, with 75% of those taking action after being inspired by a post. What’s more, 70% of its users follow a business on Instagram, highlighting the potential it has in a corporate environment.

Printdesigns launched its new website this month, offering an updated user experience as well as welcoming additions to its already trusted range of branded printed products, such as a selection of high quality specialist press walls.

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