Exploring the world through sex

Exploring the world through sex

British healthcare company, DrFelix, has compiled a comprehensive survey about how people all over the world are having sex. Over the years, plenty of data has been floating around, but this is the first time it’s all been collated into a single piece of research, painting an unmistakable picture of bedroom habits around the world.

“There was such a wealth of information available,” said the writer of the compiled study, Mark Williams. “It was incredibly interesting to sift through surveys and Q&As to see how everyone measured up.”

There are some surprising results—like the fact that those in English-speaking countries are more likely to have tried light bondage, including use of blindfolds and masks, than other countries. English-speakers are also more likely to have searched for sex toys online.

Australia has an above-average rate of LGBT experiences; 22% of Aussies have had an intimate experience with someone of the same gender as them, compared to a global average of just 12%.

Another surprising statistic is that half the married couples in Scandinavia are cheating on one another, with 46% of Danes and 41% of Norwegians admitting to having an extramarital affair. Others might be shocked that 65% of single women buy vibrators; maybe they were the 4% of those questioned who considered those who owned sex toys to be “weirdos”.

There’s a battle of the sexes here too; men are more likely to buy sex toy accessories, lifelike sex dolls, fleshjacks and fleshlights, as well as small condoms. Women however were found to focus on the lighter side of sex, purchasing nipple tassels, novelty gifts, Halloween costumes, body paint and ‘rude food’, as well as plus-sized basques and corsets.

Content designer Natalie Fisher said “The team spent three months consolidating the results and I couldn’t believe what they discovered when I came to design the graphics. I think it’s really fascinating to see—not just globally, but also between the genders.”

To read the rest of the results of the survey, visit https://www.drfelix.co.uk/how-were-having-sex-from-chile-to-china/.

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