Extreme Seabreacher vehicles set to smash into UK waters in on February 1, 2018

Extreme Seabreacher vehicles set to smash into UK waters in on February 1, 2018

Adrenaline junkies will be able to experience a brand-new type of extreme adventure when Predator Adventures launches its high-powered Seabreacher submersibles in London on February 1, 2018.

The unique watercrafts are a mixture of speedboats and submarines, with the Seabreachers allowing their drivers to race above the surface at a blistering pace of 60mph and 40mph whilst underwater. This extreme speed allows thrill seekers to fly out of the water like a rocket and reach heights of up to 18 feet above the surface, creating an extreme water sporting experience never-before-seen in the UK.

Adam Bukauskas Predator Adventures Managing Director, said: “The UK has never seen a watercraft vehicle like this. Our Seabreachers have F-16 jet fighter-grade glass cockpits for the drivers to sit in when they’re powering through the water at extremely fast speeds thanks to the massive super-charged 300HP engines blasting them forwards.

“They’re a dream for adrenaline junkies but are a huge attraction for regular thrill-seekers visiting London too because of the unique-ness of the vehicle; we’re one of the first companies in Europe to have submersibles like this and the first in the UK.”

In addition to being able to leap 18 feet out of the water in a turbo-powered frenzy, Predator Adventure’s Seabreachers can dive 6 feet below the surface as well, leaving the drivers to marvel at the underwater speed through the panoramic-view cockpit.

The Seabreachers measure 18 feet in length, has room for a passenger and pilot, and are available to drive in a range of mean-looking designs including sharks, killer whales and more. Pilots can also retract the cockpit at any time whilst above the surface to feel the wind against their face as they surge across the surface.

Adam added: “You can do a shedload of tricks with the Seabreachers like barrel rolls, doughnuts and flips to get the blood pumping. This will be the most extreme London has ever seen by far and a fantastic day out when we arrive in London on February 1.”

Thrill-seekers doing tricks such as barrel-rolls can rest assured they’ll be safe at all times; the Seabreacher’s design means that the craft will always remain buoyant and self-right whenever needed. The panoramic-view cockpit is ½ inch thick, and the Seabreachers are made with inflatable aircraft seals that keeps the cockpit and engine bay water-tight for an extremely safe adrenaline rush.

Those looking to cross this first-of-its kind extreme experience off of their bucket list will be able to do so in February 2018 when the Seabreachers become available to try through Predator Adventures at the Royal Victoria Dock in London.

For more information about Predator Adventures and the Seabreacher experiences they’re going to be offering in 2018, or for any other information, please visit https://www.predatoradventures.com/ or email info@predatoradventures.com.