What is the face of female-owned SMEs really like?

What is the face of female-owned SMEs really like?

A capital funding company that provides SMEs and UK-based businesses with vital financing options to sustain growth is keen to discuss what the face of female-owned businesses in the UK are really like following news that a major UK bank is offering SMEs led by women a significant financial boost.

NatWest recently launched a £150 million capital fund to SMEs led by females as part of a wider plan to support the success and growth of businesses headed up by women. The bank will also be hosting a series of events, perfect for entrepreneurial females that are keen to network and increase their connections within a business setting.

The boost comes following statistics that have revealed that over the course of the last three years, over 40 per cent of the 4,000 startups and high growth businesses that NatWest has supported through its Entrepreneur Accelerator network have been led by women.

Kennedy Zvenyika, Managing Director of GIC Capital said: “Over recent years, the gender gap has narrowed between entrepreneurial individuals and women have really been excelling when it comes to startups. It’s encouraging to see that the number of women choosing to go into business has also risen by 45% over the last decade, whereas for men, the figure has only risen by 27%.

“While men still remain twice as likely to run their own business, it’s promising to see that women are beginning to catch them up. It’s also interesting that a survey carried out by employee benefits provider Personal Group has revealed that women are much happier in the workplace.

“70% of women who manage to reach the top of the pile as company directors or owners are enthusiastic about their job most of time, compared to only 50% of males in similar positions of authority, which could in fact suggest that women are also more adept when it comes to dealing with the pressures associated with running businesses.”

GIC Capital offers UK businesses operating across a variety of sectors including retail and construction with fast and flexible expansion capital options. The business loans and overdrafts that they provide are from substantial private owned investment companies and their strong connections with such businesses allow them to make suitable matches for businesses.

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