Family Business Becomes First in the UK to Launch Unisex School Shirts

Family Business Becomes First in the UK to Launch Unisex School Shirts

International and national supplier of children’s school wear, School Uniform Direct, has become the first in the UK to offer unisex school shirts to parents ahead of the new school year. The new launch comes as part of wider-ranging plans to introduce a complete range of gender neutral, modern fit, sustainable uniform items ranging from blazers to trousers.

The new unisex shirts will come in addition to the supplier’s already large selection of boys and girls school uniforms, accessories, and P.E sportswear. Parents will be able to buy their children unisex shirts in long and short sleeve options, with three colour choices and a retail price from as little as £5.60 per non-iron shirt.

Business Development Director at School Uniform Direct, Alex Gani said, “We’re delighted to be supplying unisex school shirts to children across the country. Not only does it mean we can keep a consistent price between our items, but it also makes it easier for parents when purchasing uniform for their children. Our new shirts are durable, practical and can be passed down to younger siblings.”

School Uniform Direct is a family-run business. It has been supplying children’s school uniforms for more than three decades and has continually broke free of the industry’s norms. Over their 35 years of experience, the company has been able to challenge other outfitters in terms of the sustainability, cost, quality, and design of their uniforms.

All of School Uniform Direct’s shirts are made from cotton and 100% recycled polyester, which comes from plastic bottles. The company has eliminated any internal plastic packaging from their products and ensured that outer packaging is 100% recyclable on all shirts.

Shirts from School Uniform Direct are thicker than conventional shirts and have reinforced seams at known stress points to ensure the longevity of the items. This not only means they will be more durable, to cope with anything children get up to on the playground but will also last long enough to be passed down to younger siblings in the future.

The brand has always focussed on getting products tried and tested by real parents and children which has culminated in a range of uniform that is fit-for-purpose, affordable and practical.

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