Family Photography company streamlines their services to help local families capture their most intimate moments

Family Photography company streamlines their services to help local families capture their most intimate moments

A photography company that boasts a wide range of services has recently decided to tailor their offering for the benefit of families that want the chance to capture special moments with their loved ones.

Faithful Photography, a family run business that operates a professional studio and caters for families in Sydney and the surrounding areas, have redesigned their website, which displays a stellar collection of some of the studio’s most stunning work. From newborn shoots to family portraits, the company is paving the way for high-quality, yet affordable, family photoshoots in Sydney.

Dalia Atalla, Creative Director of Faithful Photography said: “We are delighted to have launched our new website boasting our range of family photography services, which we feel will resonate with families in our community.

“Everyone wants to capture special moments in their life, whether it be their newborn’s first days or when they have finally reunited the extended family. Photographs are a great way to achieve this, but unfortunately, typical family photoshoots tend to be limited, expensive and often result unnatural looking photos.

“We wanted to change this, and we feel that our fun and unique shoot themes will capture your family’s personality faithfully. We couple that with our relaxed shoot environment to create the perfect antidote to the cliché awkward family photo shoots.”

Whether they are dealing with couples, newborn babies or a typical family with children, the fun photography studio has a number of unique set ups designed to breathe life and a little bit of magic into their client’s new photos. Their fully equipped professional studio is relaxed and large enough to accommodate the whole family, even those that aren’t getting involved in the shoot.

Family shoots have proven to be a hit with various props and unlimited poses to choose from. Children of all ages are accommodated for and are treated accordingly, the atmosphere in the studio change according to the age of your children.

Their cake smash shoots are the perfect way to capture the joy of your child’s first birthday, complete with creative backdrop and delicious cake of any flavor that they choose.  Tiny tots pose on the striking set while they get stuck into their yummy birthday cake, which makes for some truly gorgeous photos. Cake smash shoots provide a great value as they also provide a chance to update the family photos without an extra charge.

Other photography service that they offer include corporate, pre-wedding and a teenage family shoot, which is a great opportunity for families to get their grown up children together for the last time before they leave the nest.

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