The award-winning sustainable fashion brand, Kitty Ferreira will launch a carefully curated ethical lifestyle and fashion pop up later this month to mark the five year anniversary of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, which saw 1000 people perish.

The pop up will bring together an edit of socially conscious, independent brands across apparel, footwear, accessories, jewellery, home wares and hair and beauty. The lifestyle and fashion pop up is inviting shoppers to support these designers and interact with its organisations who work tirelessly against the status quo and keep the bottom line in mind with a mantra of people, planet, profit.

The collective of Kitty Ferreira and friends has a strong, diverse code of ethics with participants passionate about organic materials, working with Fair Trade partners, producing items which are vegan, cruelty-free, toxic-free, hand-made, loyal to zero waste ideals and artisanal.

The event, which takes place 23 April – 06 May in Canary Wharf promises to take shoppers on a journey of understanding from seed to shop floor – a mission which will encourage visitors to ask who planted the seed to grow the raw material subsequently spun into a fibre, to be woven into a fabric, dyed and finished, fashioned into a garment and then shipped to the shop floor.

A range of innovative events will also take place in store including the launch of Repair, Mend & Make which will see a clutch of in-house seamstress on hand to offer clothing repairs, mending and alterations to the local community. The Repair, Mend & Make service aims to reduce the millions of garments sent to landfill each year or shipped to developing nations when they no longer fit to ultimately destroy that country’s own manufacturing economy. Arranged in conjunction with social enterprise 1Love Community, the pop-up will seek to partner with charities when the event ends in order to roll out Repair, Mend & Make to other boroughs within London.

From local shopper or street style advocate to city professionals, Repair, Mend & Make will carry out made-to-order alterations so anything purchased in store can be tailored to fit while also carrying out amends to clothing that is no longer suitable – so rather than sending a dress that’s too big or small to relatives overseas or throwing in a charity box, the seamstresses will tailor the garment on demand, bringing new life and extending the wear of pre-loved and already owned pieces.

Swishing parties will be hosted by The Nu Wardrobe and Swap in the City – this fun, large scale clothes swap means anyone can bring clothes they no longer wear, from business suits to bathing suits, and swap them for someone else’s pre-loved piece.

Valerie Goode, creative director of Kitty Ferreira said, “From Catford to Canary Wharf, we’re incredibly passionate about our pop up shop and very focused on bringing together a juxtaposition of different communities to move the

ethical dialogue forward by making it fun and easy for consumers to alter, repair and mend their clothes.

“We’ve set out to take visitors on a journey from the origins of their existing pieces to the final garment they’re considering donating to relatives or sending to landfill. Fashion is the world’s second most polluting industry behind oil and gas. We care that cultures and communities are robbed, cheated and disposed of due to our insatiable appetite to ‘have more’, whether that’s a new dress because the old one doesn’t fit or a new jacket because a zipper is broke on the current one.  We’re delighted to be working with social enterprise 1Love Community to start this conversation with the local community in Canary Wharf and have plans to expand into other boroughs.”

A number of panel discussions and workshops will take place during the event. Register to be emailed an in-store event schedule on EventBrite.

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