Fatal Injuries For 2016/17 Highlight Need for Companies to Take Steps to Improve Working Conditions

Fatal Injuries For 2016/17 Highlight Need for Companies to Take Steps to Improve Working Conditions

While substantial improvements have been made to reduce the number of people killed as a result of fatal injuries in the workplace, the latest findings indicate that there is still much to be done, says the team behind Midland Pallet Trucks. According to the most recently published figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 137 workers tragically lost their lives over the course of 2016/17.

Unsurprisingly, construction was the riskiest sector to work in, followed by agriculture, manufacturing, and transport and storage. The biggest cause of death to workers was being struck by a moving vehicle, which accounted for 31 of the fatal injuries. A further 25 fell from height and 20 were struck by a moving object. It’s also important to note that 92 members of the public were also killed due to work-related activities over the twelve-month period.

The latest figures are part of a long-term downward trend. Today, for every 100,000 workers, just 0.4 will receive a fatal injury when on the job, compared to 2.1 in 1980. However, Midland Pallet Trucks is urging those responsible for health and safety within companies to continue making improvements.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, said, “While the long-term downward trend is positive, the vast majority of fatal injuries in the workplace could be avoided if effective health and safety procedures were in place and adhered to. While companies often have the steps to reduce fatal risks in place, it can be a challenge to engage with their workforce to ensure they’re always followed through.

“The HSE figures for 2016/17 demonstrate that businesses can’t afford to be slack on such issues, they need to keep moving forward and making health and safety a core part of their operations, as well as finding ways to ensure these procedures are stuck to.”

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