Father and daughter unite to create moving memoir recounting his time growing up in war-torn Liverpool

Father and daughter unite to create moving memoir recounting his time growing up in war-torn Liverpool

An elderly man and his daughter have produced an exuberant and emotionally-charged memoir that follows his early years, beginning with the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939.

With a focus on family life and the role of community in impoverished Kirkdale, situated on the banks of the Mersey, ‘Sing Us A Song Ma, Before We Say Goodbye’ relives pivotal moments in Johnny Slater’s life, detailing the trials and tribulations of his younger years, which were spent mostly alongside his brother, Jimmy and sister, Cath.

Other family members including his affectionately titled Ma and Da as well as his Aunty Julia and four-legged friends, Punch and Judy, feature heavily in the memoir, which includes the details of the family’s experience during the Liverpool Blitz, which began in September 1940.

Jonny’s daughter Carol Wainwright has written the memoir, ensuring that key parts in her father’s life, including his school years and first love, were included, so as to give an accurate representation of his early days.

Carol Wainwight, writer of ‘Sing Us A Song Ma, Before We Say Goodbye’ said, “Lively and extremely moving at times, this memoir paints a colourful picture of what my father’s experiences of the war and growing up in an impoverished part of Liverpool was really like.

“This is a time when, for many families growing up in Liverpool, life was very hard and money was often in short supply, both of which contributed to the uniting of communities. For most, family was everything and joy was found in the simplest of pleasures.

“The dialect-driven dialogue that I have included creates a rich sense of place and the characters are full of life and love. The way that the stories are told will ensure that audiences grow attached to the characters, so much so that the untimely death of one of them at the end of the narrative results in profoundly moving and tragic scenes.

“For many readers, this memoir will be like journeying back to yesteryear, and most are sure to be able to extract something from it that is relatable and reminds them of their own family stories. Those that love the tales included in the book will also be delighted to know that is being piloted for a wartime T.V. drama series based in Kirkdale, Liverpool.”

The heart-warming memoir recounts the Slater family’s evacuation to a country farm during the worst parts of the war and includes a vividly written account of the children’s very first sighting of cows.

Jonny’s time in the army also features heavily in the book, with a particular focus on the devastating effects this had on his family at the time.

The book launch for ‘Sing Us A Song Ma, Before We Say Goodbye’ is on Sunday, May 20th at The Gordon Community Centre, Stanley Road, Bootle, Liverpool between 12-4pm.

The event will be 1940’s themed, with music and refreshments also available to attendees. There will also be books for people to purchase and have signed by the writer.

For more information visit the website at: www.memoriesofliverpool.co.uk or email the author: madmotherturtle@yahoo.co.uk or call  01695 570156.