Favorey Gives Small Business a New Way to Offer Their Services

Favorey Gives Small Business a New Way to Offer Their Services

At the end of 2016, Government statistics revealed that there are now a total of 5.4million SMEs across the UK.. While this is great for the economy, it can lead to competition, making it hard for smaller businesses to make their voices heard. However, new award-winning app Favorey, is now giving businesses a brand-new way to offer and advertise services.

Favorey is a ‘favour marketplace’ which allows consumers to connect with other consumers and small businesses on a new and unique level. Members of the public post about a certain good or service that they need and a business can simply make an offer, reaching out its hand to help while promoting what it does at the same time. Favorey’s founders believe it will be a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses.

Kabir Ahmed, CEO of Favorey, said “Britain currently thrives on the hard work and generosity of small businesses up and down the country, so we’re excited to offer them a new way to share what they do and draw in new customers. The app has been designed with smaller businesses in mind, and whether they’re local takeaway firms or unique craft businesses, it’s our hope that they will flourish with Favorey’s help.”

Businesses can set up their very own ‘Doer’ profile too, joining an extensive network of trusted businesses and tradespeople that are offering to help those in need of a favour. It’s a great way for people with small businesses in all industries – be it gardening, painting and decorating, catering, or even a boutique clothing or beauty shop – to offer their services to a new and unique audience.

Keep up to date with the latest news from Favorey and find out more about the innovative app at the website https://favorey.com/