FCDO London Apostille Office Closure Continues to Re-Shape the UK Apostille Industry Three Months On

FCDO London Apostille Office Closure Continues to Re-Shape the UK Apostille Industry Three Months On

The closure of the premium legalisation office by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) in Westminster, London, continues to shape the landscape of the UK apostille industry. This has forced service providers such as 2E Apostille Services Ltd to step up, and help clients navigate the changing dynamics of document legalisation processes across the country.

The closure of the legalisation office has had far-reaching consequences, particularly for businesses and individuals reliant on expedited processing services. While the FCDO still offers an efficient same-day service, it is now restricted to doing so in specific circumstances, limiting accessibility, and adding complexity to the legalisation process.

Adapting to the revised service structures has been a challenge for both customers and service providers, with businesses forced to adjust their expectations and operational strategies. The need to travel to Milton Keynes for expedited services may present logistical challenges, particularly for businesses based in London. However, for clients not requiring same-day service, the availability of cheaper and faster next-day services in Milton Keynes has been a silver lining.

Dominic Chia, Head of Operations at 2E Apostille Services Ltd., comments, “While the FCDO remains accommodating and promotes e-apostilles as an alternative, many still tend to prefer paper-based apostilles, which are more broadly accepted. This proves the importance of informed decision-making among clients seeking document legalisation. More needs doing to ensure clients are aware of all available services.

“The fees for document legalisation processes have also gone up. The increase in the FCDO’s standard apostille fee from £30 to £40, along with revised same-day service fees from £75 to £100, may not seem much – but it is an additional financial burden placed on clients.

“The closure of the FCDO’s premium legalisation office has significantly impacted the operations of service providers like us. We have had to navigate revised service structures and contend with increased costs, all while ensuring our clients receive the efficient and reliable service they deserve.”

As the industry continues to grapple with these changes, service providers are expected to adapt and evolve their strategies to better serve their clients’ evolving needs. While challenges persist, the resilience and dedication of service providers like 2E Apostille Services Ltd. remain steadfast in ensuring efficient and reliable document legalisation services.

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