Feature Rich New Document Sharing Site YouFlip$ Launches

Feature Rich New Document Sharing Site YouFlip$ Launches

Content creators and brands looking to get more eyeballs on their brochures, magazines, DIY guides and other documents can now extend their reach and showcase their products and services with the launch of a smart new content site.

YouFlip$ is a creative, dynamic portal where all kinds of content can be uploaded and shared for free. The site uses the latest cutting-edge flipbook technology to turn documents such as menus, ebook and catalogues into digital flipbooks.

Users can browse the flipbook to getter a better feel for a particular brand as well as explore specific products and services being offered. A description can be added to each flipbook, with users able to comment and engage with the content on demand.

Giorgio Lacagnina, CEO and Founder said, “We envisage YouFlip$ as the YouTube of documents. It offers a fun, interactive way for publishers to promote their content and create digital versions of physical documents such as brochures and menus.

Publishers can include hyperlinks in their flipbooks and there is no limit on the amount of flipbooks or number of pages creators can publish. Once created, the flipbook can be embedded on any other website in much the same way a YouTube video can be embedded on a third party site. With increased competition for user eyeballs and more pressure on brands to create engaging content than ever before, the option to embed a flipbook puts a eye-catching new format just a few clicks away.

A shareable full-screen flipbook reader and easy options to share via web, social or email mean repurposing the flipbook and reaching other audiences is also easy. Users can follow brands they like and receive notifications when new flipbooks are published to the network by that creator, giving businesses or all sizes and industries a fresh new way to engage with their audience.

Readers can like and comment on flipbooks too, giving consumers an easy path to connect with their favorite publishers. Finding new content is similarly seamless – simply browse trending flipbooks, look what’s new or search by category or interest topic.

For publishers, in addition to remaining in full control of their YouFlip$ network, information such as number of views can help to refine the content creation process to better serve viewer tastes.  Search engine indexing for all flipbooks published on YouFlip$ gives an extra boost of visibility.

There is no cost to use YouFlip$. An ads free subscription is available for publishers.

For more information visit the website: https://www.youflips.com

Browse the YouFlip$ flipbook:  https://www.youflips.com/youflip-2017-presentation

Or watch the video: