Festive lighting isn't just for Christmas, say lighting experts BLT Direct

Festive lighting isn’t just for Christmas, say lighting experts BLT Direct

The lighting experts, BLT Direct are offering advice to homeowners to help them get more use out of their Christmas lights once the festive season has come to an end.

The online supplier of a range of different lighting solutions for homes and commercial properties say that Christmas lights are one of the most under-utilised light electrical light sources we own. These festive lights can be used to make a focal point for gardens or as a unique feature around the home – pressing them into service all year round.

LED fairy lights can be used to create an attractive and cost-effective focal point in living and dining areas by fixing small clear or coloured LED lights to the underside of a frosted glass coffee or dining table. When turned on, the fairy lights will emit a soft and welcoming glow that can add atmosphere to any room.

LED Christmas cable lights also provide a fantastic way of safeguarding against slips and trips during the winter months, and homeowners can run them along pathways to illuminate the ground so that visitors can spot any potential hazards such as stones and icy patches during the dark evenings.

They also make excellent summer barbeque lighting features when intertwined with ornamental fencing or shrubs.

BLT Direct are experts in LED light, strip lights, spotlights, various types of clear and coloured light bulbs and Christmas lighting with an impressive online catalogue of the most innovative lighting products on the market.

Director Steven Ellwood said, “There’s no doubting that fairly lights and LED light cables are ideal for the Christmas period, but with so many new LED light options making the use of these lights cheaper than ever, it seems a shame to hide them away in a box until next year.

“We’ve secured an exceptional range of unusual and traditional Christmas lights this year, and hopefully, we’ve inspired our customers to make better use of them all year round.”

To find out more and to discover the full range of Christmas lighting ideas available from BLT Direct, visit www.bltdirect.com