From Finance to Photography: Jeremy Peters Proves It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Passions

From Finance to Photography: Jeremy Peters Proves It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Passions

Quitting an established career to follow a passion is a dream many professionals hold but it’s a daunting prospect. Jeremy Peters is one such expert that took the plunge, quitting a position within the finance industry to pursue a love of photography. In just two years Peters has successfully forged a creative career, capturing a huge range of subjects, from London couples on their wedding day to elephants in Africa, and is urging others to go pursue their dreams.

Searching for something more than a focus on the bottom line and realising that life is too short, Peters left his corporate position in 2014. He now spends nine months of the year photographing people in London and the remainder capturing stunning images of African wildlife. It’s a lifestyle that many would be envious of. But it wasn’t an easy decision to come to and making the switch required honing skills too. Giving up a lucrative career to work in an unpredictable sector was a tough decision and one that required Peters to nurture his inner creative side that had been repressed for many years! Despite the challenges, he has never looked backed.

Peters said, “Making the move to photography has been challenging but rewarding and I’m certainly pleased that it’s a move I made. Going from finance to photography isn’t an obvious path but it was the right one. Every day I get to capture some of the most precious moments in people’s lives, whether it’s marking the birth of a child or a family celebration. I feel privileged to be a part of that.”

One of the areas that Peters specialises in is wedding photography. His eye for a beautiful setting and ability to put even the most nervous couples at ease result in stunning photos that are proudly displayed. Spending 12 hours at each wedding day, Peters captures everything from getting ready to the first dance and delivers around 500 high quality photos of the day, each individually edited.

Peters added, “Photographing a wedding day calls on all a photographer’s areas of expertise and there’s a huge amount of responsibility. I get a real buzz out of the versatility and quickly adapting to different environments and couples to truly reflect all the emotions of the big day. A wedding encompasses everything I love about being behind a camera: beauty, family, special bonds, tears, laughter and happiness. Of course, handing over the images and seeing the couple’s reaction is a brilliant reward too.”

Not just your average wedding photographer, Peters can often be found shooting wildlife, families, and corporates. Despite the diversity of his portfolio, all his work has something in common, a relaxed atmosphere and natural quality. It’s this approach that’s earned him praise from past customers and a diary filled with exciting jobs.

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