Financial Information Website Safe Trade Binary Options Analyses Recent Ethereum Merge

Financial Information Website Safe Trade Binary Options Analyses Recent Ethereum Merge

An analysis of Google Trends data, carried out by Safe Trade Binary Options, suggests that searches for Ethereum’s Merge have spiked in the past 30 days because of the network’s historic upgrade. The analysis confirms that for investors, and would-be investors, keeping tabs on the latest developments online is key to understanding the network’s overall health with the Merge potentially opening the doors to more institutional investors.

Saqib Iqbal, from Safe Trade Binary Options says the Merge is a significant milestone, causing internet traffic to spike. He explained, ” Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency and this development is something that has been in the works for the last several years.

“The Merge means that Ethereum has switched to a proof-of-stake system, which replaces miners with validators. Instead of running on multiple computers, validators use their current Ether cache to authenticate transactions and generate new tokens. This uses significantly less power than mining and will make the protocol more secure and sustainable. This switch can increase institutional investors’ interest, as they are traditionally hesitant to buy tokens on proof-of-work. ”

One of the key drivers of the Merge was to increase decentralization by limiting the hardware requirements and allowing for faster transactions.

“Ethereum can expect to see a more than 99% reduction in energy consumption by node validators and has gained the capability to incorporate other scaling solutions while increasing security. One reason for the spike in online interest could also be that this change makes Ethereum a deflationary asset,” Iqbal added. “The upgrade will go a long way towards lowering the entry barriers for institutional investors, who have been wary of contributing to the climate crisis.

The upgrade will also result in a drastically lower number of Ether tokens in circulation, potentially leading to Ether being a deflationary currency in the coming weeks and months. According to some investors, this might help increase the token’s price.

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