Financial Trader Turned Cryptocurrency Expert Sets Out to Turn 20 Ambitious Individuals into Cryptonaires in 2018

Financial Trader Turned Cryptocurrency Expert Sets Out to Turn 20 Ambitious Individuals into Cryptonaires in 2018

One of the first UK traders to make over a million dollars investing in cryptocurrency is preparing to pass on his expertise in 2018. Nirav Shah, who recently surpassed the milestone multi-million dollar mark after backing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the last two years, is predicting a phenomenal year for traders in 2018, expecting to turn 20 individuals into cryptonaires through his training opportunities.

Shah set up UK-based Platinum Investment Associates back in 2011 and started Platinum Crypto Academy just two years ago after recognising the potential that the bourgeoning cryptocurrency market held. Using his experience gained from trading in foreign exchange for over a decade, Shah’s instincts proved correct. Starting with an initial investment of just under $5,000, he reached the million dollar mark in less than two years. Among the initial investments, Shah purchased several Bitcoin’s at $750, which were later sold for in excess of $15,000. Now his attention has turned to helping more eager traders discover the secrets of cryptocurrency and the next lucrative area.

Shah said, “I am thrilled to have surpassed my first goal of making a million from the cryptocurrency market. In the year ahead, there’s plenty of potential to create generous, above average returns for investors that are savvy and really understand the market. Cryptocurrency is still rapidly developing, meaning it’s open to a huge number of people and you don’t have to invest a fortune to start seeing the results.

“I look forward to helping others make their first million on the cryptocurrency market with our Platinum Crypto Academy and my book, Crypto Currencies Deciphered. I believe in sharing information and knowledge, and it’s my goal to help create at least 20 cryptonaires this year.”

Platinum Crypto Academy is designed to help anyone access the lucrative crypto market by providing exceptional training that draws upon over four decades of experience in the financial markets. Complementing the essential online resource, Shah’s book, Crypto Currencies Deciphered, shares valuable, accessible information about the market and how he made it work to become a Cryptonaire.

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