Find Me A Class Reaches New Highs Registering Over 1,000 Fitness, Dance, and Wellness Classes

Find Me A Class Reaches New Highs Registering Over 1,000 Fitness, Dance, and Wellness Classes

A new-look marketplace that helps students find group classes is making waves in the fitness industry. Find Me A Class now has over 1,000 exciting classes on its website for students to browse and enjoy.

Find Me A Class was launched last year in London and has since been providing active and engaged students with the chance to indulge their hobbies and make savings in the process.

Customers on the site include teachers, students and studios. Teachers who subscribe to the website are able to list up to five classes per month for the reasonable subscription fee of £9.99.

While the site focusses on three main class disciplines, dance, fitness and wellness, there is also the opportunity for users to search for a variety of other options in their area.

Thanks to the website partnering with PayPal, students will also be glad to know that they are able to pay for classes online quickly and efficiently, taking all of the hassle out of finding classes locally.

Andre Bright, Co-founder and CEO of FMAC said: “After launching last year, Find Me a Class has gone from strength to strength and is gaining real traction in the online class-booking industry.

“The tool is all-encompassing and will provide benefits to students, teachers and the studios that choose to advertise their offering on the site. What’s great about the site is that engrained at the heart of it is a real sense of community. We now have around 3,000 members and are keen to see that number grow further.

“Allowing students and teachers to engage and interact with each other is really important to our brand and also gives those who use the service a sense of togetherness that is sure to make them feel welcome at any class they choose.

“Engaging with hobbies and attending classes should always be fun, and we are certainly endeavouring to make sure that this continues to be the case for all students.”

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