Find Me A Class Shakes Up Fitness Industry by Connecting Teachers with Students

Find Me A Class Shakes Up Fitness Industry by Connecting Teachers with Students

A new online class booking service is making it easier than ever for students and teachers to connect with each other. Students can choose from a range of classes spanning a number of disciplines and book their favourite class in a flash.

Find Me a Class is an online market place that is already transforming the class-booking market with its slick, new-look website, which students are using to find classes that suit them.

Whether students are keen to let their hair down in a dance class, centre themselves and find peace by engaging in a wellness routine or are looking to blitz some calories and recharge their bodies with a fitness class, they’ll find everything they need and more.

Andre Bright, Co-founder and CEO of FMAC said: “Our main goal with Find Me a Class was to create a product that would service both sides of the market well, and that is what we have achieved.

“The online tool is focused on quality and value. We have been able to combine these qualities with a pricing model that means students can benefit from great savings without jeopardising the profit margins of those hosting classes. Our teacher and student group now has over 3000 members, so it’s not hard to see that the service is proving to be a big hit in the industry.

“We already have over 1000 classes listed online, so we’re very pleased with the traction thus far.’

Keen to streamline the booking service and make the process even easier for students, Find Me a Class has also teamed up with PayPal to ensure that payments can be made quickly online.

Other categories of classes that are available on the site include acting, art and music.

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