First Bank of Nigeria Limited Launches New Responsive and Feature Rich Website Built for the Digital Age

First Bank of Nigeria Limited Launches New Responsive and Feature Rich Website Built for the Digital Age

Nigeria’s most valuable banking brand, First Bank of Nigeria Limited has unveiled its brand new, responsive and feature-rich website, built for the digital age and designed to meet the changing needs of Nigeria’s mobile-first population.

A masterclass in digital transformation from the ground up, the new look FirstBank domain is wholly adaptive and responsive and sets the standard for digital service offering in the country. Developed in conjunction with its digital partner, Digital Bananas Technology, the new site is a comprehensive solution for Nigeria’s multi-screen population, which overwhelmingly demands mobile solutions for everyday problems.

Recognising that over 70% of its target audience accesses the Internet on various platforms and devices, FirstBank set out to totally overhaul the old website site which was less adaptive or responsive to  create a global web portal that sets the standard for online financial services provision in Nigeria and beyond.

The new look site is packed with intuitive navigation menus, one touch solution points and is rich with smart, useful functionality including a mortgage calculator, loan calculator, currency converter and branch locator – all perfectly displayed across multiple device types and offering customers the same seamless user experience whether they enter on a tablet, smartphone or desktop.

The site also features advanced privacy and security to keep all visitors to the website safe.

Mobile enabled and built for the mobile user, the new site is at the pinnacle of responsive, adaptive design with one/two click access to information, a user-friendly interface which prioritizes the needs of the user and quick, easy access to core bank services and expertise.

Folake Ani-Mumuney, Group Head Marketing and Corporate Communicationsfor FirstBank of Nigeria Limited said, “With this innovative website, FirstBank has yet again raised the bar in customer satisfaction as it is easier than ever before for customers to interact with the bank, find products and services that suit their lifestyle and even get quotes for loans and mortgages before they step into a branch to close the sale.

“We are delighted with the revitalised, responsive and totally cutting-edge new FirstBank website which gives a richer, more user-centric experience and reinvigorates our online presence. Our intention was to make it easy for users to access the services they need and discover new ones, seamlessly across all their devices. We have achieved this and much more with stronger customer engagement, stronger and more useful tools and empowered product owners. Our customers can now see how our various offerings can work individually or together for them, and access their existing services with us as easily on any device and from anywhere.”

Keji Gwa, Founder & CEO from Digital Bananas Technology said, “FirstBank’s digital and the entire Marketing and Corporate Communications teams have been a delight to work with and, as their digital partner, we have seen first-hand how committed the Bank is to transforming its digital offering. Work identifying pain points, deconstructing the old site and rebuilding a new, more modern and more responsive design, while reflecting the brand’s heritage and style within the look, feel and structure of the site, has been exhaustive. The finished portal is purpose driven, crafted to the customer experience and most importantly, built to integrate into the customer’s lifestyle. There is more onsite real estate, a consistent user experience across mobile and desktop and enhanced tools and features – all accessible via newer, more intuitive navigation.

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