Fitness Brand Launches Free Body Composition Post-Lockdown Training Program

Fitness Brand Launches Free Body Composition Post-Lockdown Training Program

As gyms across the country reopen, Fitness Savvy will help those who have lost their pre-lockdown physiques regain their fitness levels with the launch of a free physical training program, developed with the aid of scientific DEXA body scans.

The fitness routine has been carefully constructed to aid in weight loss while building muscle, and is being offered at no cost to help the nation get fighting fit under the ‘new normal’. The help comes just as Prime Minister Boris Johnson launches an anti-obesity campaign to help Britons lower their risk of illness in the face of COVID-19.

With all gyms forced to close in March as the coronavirus pandemic hit, a lack of physical activity and extra time at home during the stay-at-home orders has hit the nation’s waistline hard. The prices of weightlifting, fitness and other gym apparatus skyrocketed due to high demand when lockdown kicked in, and only the lucky few were able to secure worthwhile equipment.

As a result, both mental and physical fitness has suffered around the country – something many will be keen to address as the nationwide lockdown is gradually lifted.

Fitness Savvy is the only dedicated fitness equipment comparison brand in the UK. It is committed to supporting gym-goers recover pre-pandemic fitness levels and newcomers to get moving. As part of this effort, it has produced a series of unique training guides designed to help those piling on the pounds during lockdown to get back on their feet, lose weight and rebuild lost muscle in the shortest time possible.

The brand’s free fitness routine focuses on body composition and details how to train and diet to achieve dramatic, positive changes quickly and sustainably.

Fitness Savvy’s CEO, Robin Young has been working with DEXA Bodyscans to develop the program. As Fitness Savvy is built on delivering price comparison, discount codes and offers for various gym and fitness equipment, the brand is not burdened by a need to charge customers for training programs and advice. Instead, it is able to offer specialist advice and fitness resources at no cost.

Young said “Those who were not lucky enough to get their hands on weights and weight lifting equipment will have found it almost impossible to continue their standard workout routine at home. When we stop lifting weights, it doesn’t take long for our muscle to break down. This problem, combined with eating more, means people’s body composition will have suffered. I’ve personally spent the past three years experimenting with body re-composition and as a brand we’re happy to offer a complete programme which people can use to get back in shape.”

The Fitness Savvy programs include exercise tutorials, rep by rep instruction and macro breakdown nutritional advice. To find out more, visit: