Flexible Benefits & Fleet Specialist Calls for Urgent Educational Push Around EVs

Flexible Benefits & Fleet Specialist Calls for Urgent Educational Push Around EVs

A Midlands-based flexible benefits and fleet specialist company says further education is crucial to persuade people across the UK to purchase electric vehicles as the automotive sector begins to rebound.

Based in Tamworth, Fleet Evolution launched the UK’s first electric car sacrifice scheme in 2012, with consistent growth ever since now seeing the business receive a market leading 90% of total orders for pure electric vehicles.

However, the EV champions believe that it still isn’t enough to continue selling to the converted amongst the UK population, while the majority of petrol and diesel drivers continue to resist making the switch. Fleet Evolution has launched a series of virtual and physical workshops to promote the personal and environment benefits of swapping to an EV, but wants the industry to go further to help drivers understand their options and dispel damaging myths.

Managing director, Andrew Leech says informing people still uncertain about the range of benefits electric cars can offer is paramount when appealing to drivers outside of those already sold on making the switch from electric and diesel models.

With the government recently confirming their intent to bring forward a ban on the purchase of new electric and diesel cars to 2030 from an original deadline of 2040, there is an increasingly pressing need for drivers to consider making their next vehicle purchase an electric one.

He said, “There are a variety of genuine reasons why people might not be open to buying an electric car, such as they live in an apartment block, so in that sense they may consider that it wouldn’t be practical to drive one – in reality this isn’t a barrier as there could well be a charging point within a short walking distance, at a nearby cinema or gym for example. The main problem we are seeing though is that there is a wide range of media-propelled misconceptions surrounding electric vehicle ownership and the driver experience, such as distance they can travel, their ability to charge effectively, and overall motoring performance.

“Manufacturers have come a long way in recent years when it comes to addressing these early teething problems, but we think there is still a long road ahead. While we mention our salary sacrifice scheme for a few minutes at the start of each workshop, we wanted to devise a forum which engages with those who are still closed off to the idea of buying an electric vehicle and provide resources and information to demonstrate why it makes sense to purchase one, especially with the government deadline for electric and diesel models looming. Our workshops offer an ideal space to come and find out about the actual facts of electric car ownerships, delivered by people who drive EVs themselves.

“One issue that we often face is that many drivers are concerned about where they might charge up. Most are also unaware of the real actual range of an EV and that’s a huge barrier to ownership. The charging network is actually only 5% utilised, while most people actually drive less than 30 miles per day, meaning an EV is more than suitable for most people.

“It’s all about dispelling these myths about electric vehicles and working towards a culture where the reality is more understood, and we can collectively reach that 2030 target with more awareness of why it’s ultimately a good thing to make the change.”

For more information on Fleet Evolution, visit https://www.fleetevolution.com/.