Foodies Around the World Can’t Get Enough of Japan’s Latest Street Food Craze – Footlong Fries

Foodies Around the World Can’t Get Enough of Japan’s Latest Street Food Craze – Footlong Fries

The combination of street food and a Japanese twist have left foodies the world over eager to get their hands on the latest delicious craze – foot long fries covered in tasty sauce blends. In just 2 days 2 million people had watched the viral video produced by the Red Duck Post that shows off just why this potato dish is set to be the next tempting craze.

Japanese dishes have been soaring in popularity around the globe, with foodies everywhere tucking into katsu curries and plates of sushi. Now the country is set to influence street food with a little help from a video that’s taking social media by storm. Served up in the buzzing Tokyo neighbourhood of Harajuku, known for its vibrant art and fashion scene, the foot-long fries are giving locals and tourists alike a flavourful meal they can grab on the go.

Having racked up an impressive two million views in two days, the ultimate fries video is expected to continue its viral trajectory. The Red Duck Post video production has already received more than 50k likes and has been shared over 31k times on Facebook, with many fanatics lucky enough to try a plate declaring they won’t go back to normal fries.

Gaurav Gupta, Red Duck Post Lead Japan Producer of Red Duck Post, said, “Foot long fries are crunchy, tasty, and the perfect street food to enjoy in Japan, after having them once customers won’t want to go back to regular portions. These ultimate fries are going to be the next big thing in street food as people around the world watch the clip and want to get their hands on giant fries to sample for themselves.

“We’re thrilled that our video is being enjoyed by so many different people – proving this unique Japanese street food is going to make an impact.”

Created using ground potatoes that are tightly packed before they’re quickly added to the fryer, these fries are then topped with appetising sauces. A favourite among customers so far has proven to be a combination of creamy garlic and spicy sauces, perfect for a dish that packs in the flavour.

This isn’t the first time that Red Duck Post has given foodies a glimpse into delicious Japanese cuisine with a twist. The brand’s video highlighting luscious blue ramen also went viral earlier this year. As a top influencer in Japan, the brand develops interesting, bite sized social media stories that reach over 20 million viewers a month.

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