Forwarding Thinking Businesses Need to Plan PPE for All Weather Conditions

Forwarding Thinking Businesses Need to Plan PPE for All Weather Conditions

If 2018 has taught businesses anything it should be to be prepared for all types of weather conditions especially in the UK, says Skanwear. The dedicated arc and flame PPE provider explains that ensuring a diverse range of protective clothing and equipment is crucial for keeping employees safe and comfortable throughout the seasons.

Within the first six months of 2018, the UK already experienced two extreme weather bouts, from the plunging, icy temperatures in January to the unexcepted sunshine and blistering heat in June. While British weather is known for being unpredictable, it’s not often that the country experiences such extremes, highlighting the need for businesses to ensure their PPE is fit for all purposes.

Angus Long, Managing Director of Skanwear, said, “Businesses need to be regularly assessing their PPE offering and the conditions that their employees PPE is in. Staff, particularly those that work in the field, need to have access to garments that reflect how quickly the weather can change in the UK. For example, while a warm, waterproof jacket would have considered essential at the beginning of the year when it was snowing, now it would be incredibly uncomfortable, heavy and hard to perform daily tasks in.

“PPE should consider the conditions, and how this will affect potential risks and how wearable they are, clothing that’s restrictive or uncomfortable is far more likely to be removed, increasing risks. Firms should take a look at the current PPE offering and ask if it’s suitable for all seasons and weather conditions or do they need alternatives as we move on through the months.”

Skanwear makes it easy for businesses to fill gaps in their arc and FR PPE offering. With a vast range of products that suit a variety of weather conditions and quick delivery options, firms can refresh their PPE with minimum hassle. For businesses where PPE is essential, the brand’s Safeline online ordering platform is an excellent option, allowing for items to be ordered by departments, managers, or even employees themselves with pre-set PPE requirements that are decided in advance.

Thanks to its commitment to save lives by offering exceptional quality PPE, Skanwear is continually innovating products and services that benefit businesses, managers, and end users.

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