Frantic Christmas shoppers set to find relief as shopping app feature eliminates stress-factor of busy retail outlets

Frantic Christmas shoppers set to find relief as shopping app feature eliminates stress-factor of busy retail outlets

Shoppers who are already bracing themselves for the pandemonium soon to erupting in retail stores across the nation as the holiday season looms will be able to find solace in a new app feature that makes shopping in busy stores easier and quicker.

For retailers, the smart new Enex Scan app solution delivers a host of seasonal benefits, including minimizing the risk of lost sales due to till wait times.

Taking the hassle out of trips to busy retail destinations, Enex Technologies’ app feature allows consumers to complete their entire in-store shopping with their mobile phone in three easy steps. Browsers simply select the self-scan feature to begin shopping smarter, scan the item’s barcode to access description and price information and then pay securely using their card, PayPal or ApplePay and wait to receive a digital receipt.

Research increasingly shows that bargain hunters are giving high streets a miss, especially during the busy Christmas season, and shopping online instead. Last year’s Black Friday set a record for online spend, with more people than ever opting to stay at home rather than stand in long lines in store. While this may be more convenient, both shoppers and retailers miss out on increased engagement levels and real time offers. With Black Friday 2017 and the start of the official holiday shopping season just weeks away, the Enex Technologies app solution promises to make queues of unhappy, frustrated shoppers a thing of the past.

Ian Murphy, CEO and Co-Founder of Enex Technology said: “With the busiest period of the year for shoppers just around the corner, now is the perfect time for retailers to start thinking how they can make the whole shopping experience less stressful and more enjoyable. We all hate waiting in long queues in noisy shops and most of us will have felt the frustration of waiting to speak to a staff member for basic information about an item. Our technology eradicates that friction, making shopping much more fun and less time-consuming.”

Retailers incorporating the Enex Technology tech into their in-store experience can also expect a host of benefits. Advantages include being able to track what shoppers are scanning but not buying, better engagement thanks to more targeted in-store promotions and offers based on user behaviour and seamless multi-channel integration options. With more time shopping and less time queuing, the app also ramps up conversions, can be used to increase footfall by targeting nearby customers with personalised notifications. Digital receipts provide customer convenience alongside valuable retail consumer purchase habit data.

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