Free Games site helps smartphone users to game on the go with browser-based games

Free Games site helps smartphone users to game on the go with browser-based games is helping millions of people that have taken to internet forums asking why they can’t fit more games on their smart phone. The smartphone market is full of devices that have limited memory but the popular games website has a convenient solution to this problem with its vast library of browser-based mobile games that don’t need to be installed to play.

The rise of smart technology has seen the mobile device market boom over the last decade, with millions of games and apps now available for download on phones and tablets. Nikolai Veselov from My Real Games said, “It’s amazing that everyone now has access to so many games in the palm of their hands, but it can be frustrating when your phone runs out of space and you’re forced to pick which ones to keep and which to delete. We’ve solved that problem at with our library of browser-based mobile games. Gamers can play as many of our games as they want, without taking up a single megabyte of memory.”

Top smart phone and tablet producers are starting to phase out expandable storage in favor of internal memory, which means that gamers are now limited to the amount of files and apps they can install on their device. The games available from run within the device’s internet browser, which means that everyone can play as many fun-filled games as they want, from anywhere in the world.

The vast library of free licensed mobile games at My Real Games includes a variety of genres, from head-scratching puzzle games to action-packed shooters. The simplistic layout of the mobile site makes it easy for gamers to browse and play hundreds of games. With lightning-fast loading speeds and no installation, the mobile games at My Real Games will have players frantically tapping their screens in no time.

Players looking to save space on their device will be automatically directed to the My Real Games mobile site through their device’s web browser app.

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