Free Marketing-Enabled Sanitiser Units Launched for Hotels, Leisure, and More

Free Marketing-Enabled Sanitiser Units Launched for Hotels, Leisure, and More

As leisure and hospitality venues prepare to reopen under the next stages of the UK’s roadmap to recovery, a forward-thinking marketing firm is stepping up to supply hotels, leisure complexes, and health centres with free digital hand sanitiser stations which combine essential brand promotion with unrivalled hygiene services. Lancashire-based Pump It Marketing is currently the only business in the country to provide quality, marketing-enabled sanitiser units.

Under Pump It Marketing’s free rental programme, select businesses in the leisure and hospitality sectors can better keep their guests and visitors safe with the firm’s exclusive sensor-driven hand sanitising stations that automatically dispense germ-killing gel without the need for physical contact with the unit. The station holds a one-litre gel bottle, helping to keep customers, members, guests, and staff safe from the moment they enter.

Pump It Marketing’s innovative unit addresses one of the biggest challenges in the leisure and hospitality industry today: implementing medical-style hygiene solutions into spaces that have been meticulously designed to create the perfect atmosphere and aesthetic. All Pump It Marketing stations are stylish, contemporary, and feature a modern and sleek design that has been created especially to merge seamlessly with sophisticated interiors.

“There are a number of challenges that leisure and hospitality businesses are facing as they prepare to reopen under strict COVID secure guidelines, and placing guest safety at the heart of the strategy is what’s going to help these businesses reopen securely and with confidence,” says Karen Nelson, Managing Director for Pump It Marketing. “We understand that it’s not only reopening that’s a challenge right now, but also rebuilding, which is why our stations double as a powerful and dynamic marketing and awareness tool.”

The sanitiser stations have a built-in 22-inch vivid digital display which sits above the gel dispensers to provide essential information and promotional messages to users. Businesses can screen 10-second adverts via the unit for 12-hour uninterrupted periods to deliver marketing messages and highlight featured promotions to help aid recovery during challenging times.

Pump It Marketing’s hand sanitiser stations are already being utilised across doctor’s surgeries, health facilities, and medical centres across the country. Now, in preparation for the next step in the Government’s recovery plan, Pump It Marketing is extending the free rental programme to even more sectors, ensuring that leisure and hospitality businesses have access to the essential tools and equipment they need to reopen with confidence while keeping their customers, guests, visitors, and staff as safe as possible.

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