French Model Makes Guinness World Record History With Unique Collection

French Model Makes Guinness World Record History With Unique Collection

Tattooed model Eloïse Von Velvet, who was crowned Miss Tattoo Bretagne in 2018, is making Guinness World Record history for having the largest verified collection of Studio Ghibli memorabilia not only in France, but in the world.

In October 2021, it was confirmed that 26 year old makeup artist Eloïse Von Velvet from Guingamp, Breton – who also goes by the name Eloïse Jeglot – had claimed the record with more than 1400 officially licensed Studio Ghibli items, including a Jjiji piggy bank, Arrietty photo frame, and Kaonashi music box amongst hundreds of other merchandise. Eloïse is recognised as the first ever recipient of this Guinness World Record, entering record breaking history.

Every item in Eloïse’s private collection is housed in a single room in her home which she affectionately calls the ‘Ghibli Room’. And it’s getting more crowded all the time. The Japanese anime fan estimates that she spends between €1200 and €1500 per month on Studio Ghibli merchandise, not including customs fees for importing goods from Asia into Europe. And it’s not only money that Eloïse spends out on growing her collection, but time, visiting online auction sites for up to 5 hours per day to find the best new additions.

Eloïse’s official tally would be even larger if Guinness World Records also took into account the model’s extensive collection of Studio Ghibli body art. The first runner-up Miss Tattoo France 2019 is covered in colourful tattoos, many of which are related to Studio Ghibli, such as images of Totoro, Chihiro, and Mononoke. These pieces of art can often be spotted by eagle eyed audiences during Eloïse’s regular appearances on tattoo magazine covers.

The impressive collection is something that Eloïse has been working on for 20 years, having fallen in love with the universe of Hayao Miyazaki aged just 6 when her mother presented her with a VHS tape of Princess Mononoke.

“Everything changed when I was 6” remembers Eloïse. “Not only was I introduced to Studio Ghibli for the first time, but I was also given my first Guinness Book of Records and dreamt of being in the book myself one day”.

“Of course, I always told myself that it was impossible because you really had to do something ‘big’ to hold a record, but as I got older I realised that an overflowing passion for something was hugely important, too” continues Eloïse. “Today, my motto is ‘always believe in even the wildest of childhood dreams’, and my advice for anyone out there is to never give up dreaming”.

2021 was a fantastic year for Eloïse, who not only claimed the record for having the largest Studio Ghibli collection in the world, but also became an Ambassador for the Maison Ghibli boutique in Paris; the first ever boutique to work directly with Donguri stores in Japan; the official Studio Ghibli stores.

Yet despite her success, there are still two goals the young model is yet to achieve. Firstly, to open her 100% Ghibli YouTube channel, which is rumoured to be coming later this year. And secondly, to communicate personally with Studio Ghibli Co-Founder Hayao Miyazaki. “I’d love to be able to say thank you in person; thank you for making me dream, thank you for inspiring me, and thank you for keeping this part of my childhood alive and thriving”.

To catch a glimpse of the collection, visit Eloïse’s Instagram page here: