Friends set up crowdfunding appeal to launch legal challenge to reunite a bereft mother with her daughter from the hands of a wealthy, yet abusive father

Friends set up crowdfunding appeal to launch legal challenge to reunite a bereft mother with her daughter from the hands of a wealthy, yet abusive father

Friends and colleagues have set up a crowdfunding appeal to help reunite a loving mother with her young daughter after an abusive and radicalised father used his wealth and influence to gain full custody and block the child from having contact with her mother.

Following the breakup of her abusive and controlling marriage, the mother of eight-year-old Emily left the relationship with little more than the clothes on her back and her young daughter in a bid to start afresh away from her daughter’s controlling father.

A man of considerable wealth and influence, the father has since launched a non-stop tirade of unfounded accusations and legal challenges which have led to little Emily being removed from her mother’s care despite previous social services assessments finding Emily to be perfectly well cared for by her mother and a happy and healthy child.

One of the most harrowing parts of this case is that not only has the father used his wealth through the court process to commit perjury and obstruct the course of justice with a series of wild accusations pertaining to Emily’s care by her mother, he has also isolated both mother and daughter from all sources of support and has been successful in having Emily removed from her mother and placed in his care.

A friend of the mother who wishes to remain anonymous stated that “Since Emily has been living with her father, who has radicalised beliefs and rules his home with an iron fist, Emily’s mother has watched her daughter transform from a bright and bubbly little girl into a closed down and withdrawn child.”

“During meetings at a contact centre, Emily used to cry and scream to be allowed to go home with her mother and said that her father wouldn’t even allow her to cry in the house. Since living with him, Emily’s personality has completely changed, and she seems very reluctant to open up about the situation at her father’s house through fear of punishment.

“Her mother feels that Emily’s wellbeing is at risk and is doing everything she can to be reunited with her daughter before she comes to any harm.”

This would be a heartbreaking situation for any mother, but what makes this particular case even more upsetting is the fact that although the mother is a hardworking woman who is steadily rebuilding her life after an abusive marriage, she is struggling to raise the funds to launch a legal challenge which could cost in excess of £35,000 to help reunite her with her beloved daughter.

It would take the mother a considerable amount of time to raise this without the assistance she desperately needs.

Rallying to support her cause, friends and colleagues of Emily’s mother have since set up a crowdfunding page to help raise the funds needed to bring the case to court and to highlight the massive holes and injustices in the case that saw Emily removed from her mother’s care. They want to help her fight back against the father’s strong legal team who seem to be solely motivated by money and not justice or an 8 year old’s safety.

To read Emily’s story and find out more about the legal case surrounding her removal from her loving mother, members of the public are being urged to visit the crowdfunding page and pledge their support to reunite the mother and child and to stop this misuse of wealth and justice.

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