From Phone Screens To Television Scenes: James Blake Stars in BBC Three Documentary, Hunting The Catfish Crime Gang

From Phone Screens To Television Scenes: James Blake Stars in BBC Three Documentary, Hunting The Catfish Crime Gang

Digital marketing entrepreneur and social media influencer James Blake has made a significant leap into the world of television with the premiere of his new BBC documentary, ‘Hunting The Catfish Crime Gang’.

‘Hunting The Catfish Crime Gang’ takes the audience on an international expedition from Belfast to Myanmar, Thailand exposing the grim realities of online scams and their human impact along the way. James’s investigative prowess in the documentary serves as a powerful example of leveraging personal experiences to create compelling television.

The documentary began as a deeply personal mission for James, who set off in search of internet scammers who exploited his social media presence.

Broadcast on BBC Three and available now on iPlayer, ‘Hunting The Catfish Crime Gang’ came about because James’s identity had been stolen and used to scam women out of thousands of pounds in the UK and further afield using social media and dating apps.

The journey takes an even more sinister turn as James uncovers the operations of criminal gangs involved in activities like human trafficking and romance scams, transcending beyond the initial focus of identity theft.

He said, “When I began the filming for this documentary, I had no idea how far down the rabbit hole I would go. Initially I was going to investigate the fake profiles of me and find out who was behind them, it was unexpected that it would be a multi-billion-pound organised criminal enterprise. I was taken back and shocked, like many of the viewers at the extent of how horrible these crime gangs can be and how dark the crime is.

I am immensely proud of the impact that this documentary has made. The positive feedback and reactions it has received affirm the significance of its message. The experience has been great and I am already in the early stages of developing my next documentary. My aim is to continue creating content that is not only thought-provoking but also leaves a lasting impact, much like “Hunting the Catfish Crime Gang” has.”

The documentary’s success is evident from its popularity on BBC iPlayer – with the documentary taking a top spot in the ‘most popular’ section.

James Blake’s journey to date is a testament to how digital platforms can serve as both a challenge and a stepping stone to greater achievements.

His evolution from a social media influencer to the lead of a documentary on a prestigious platform like the BBC exemplifies his versatility, determination, and adaptability in the changing media landscape.

Watch ‘Hunting The Catfish Crime Gang’ on BBC iPlayer now.

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