Funky Dumbbells launches pre-sale campaign for unique doughnut-shaped gym buddies

Funky Dumbbells launches pre-sale campaign for unique doughnut-shaped gym buddies

Gym goers looking to add a fun, funky touch to their routine will soon be able to work-out in style as unique doughnut-shaped gym buddies, Funky Dumbbells go on pre-sale. Utterly stylish and totally unique, with interchangeable heads for pumping iron pros and a light-hearted, fun design for those who don’t take life too seriously, Funky Dumbbells are a new type of workout gear and the perfect gift for anyone who loves fun, funky homewares and bright, quirky products.

In addition to being a great gift and fun decoration, Funky Dumbbells are the perfect complement to any workout routine. The doughnut shaped dumbbells are designed to be used in a huge range of exercises, targeting all areas of the body. Already tested in more than 100 moves, from adding sculpted definition to shoulders, strengthening the core, tightening up triceps, creating buff biceps and building a rock solid chest, Funky Dumbbells look good and help users to work hard.

The fun doughnut design, with a multi-coloured sprinkle sitting atop the white icing, adds a cheeky touch to pumping iron – and serves as an extra bit of motivation to do just another rep before towelling off and calling it a day.

Adding a modern touch to a gym stalwart, the stylish Funky Dumbbell aesthetic can be switched up with interchangeable heads that allow fitness fans to totally personalise their workout. The removable element means they can be swapped between different weights on demand and the whole thing can be stored in the sleek white lunchbox-style case.

The light-hearted shape makes Funky Dumbbells a cool and quirky gift and humorous addition to any household. Dominykas Orda, CEO and founding father of Funky Dumbbells said, “Using our mantra of stay funky, stay foolish, we’ve spent months perfecting our design.  Funky Dumbbells are the perfect accessory to everyday gym gear and, our unique doughnut shaped “gym buddies” are multi-functional – use them as a power exercise tool, an exclusive gift or decoration at your home. The pre-sale orders will be delivered in December 2017 making them the perfect humours gift for friends, family and co-workers.”

On pre-sale from 15th August via Indiegogo, Funky Dumbbells are available in 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 kgs. Indiegogo campaign backers will be among the first in the world to snag one of the stylish sets, with perks ranging from the 2kg weight to super 15kg. The biggest backers will receive a  Funky Dumbbells super perk, which is a six pack of each of the gym buddies.

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