Future Food Institute to Hold Round Table Addressing Food Security This Thursday, 06 August

Future Food Institute to Hold Round Table Addressing Food Security This Thursday, 06 August

Global virtual event will bring together global leaders and young activists to reflect on more sustainable food systems in face of deepening food security crisis

Future Food Institute will bring together industries, institutions, start-ups and youth climate activists in a global round table later this week to reflect on how to improve food security and achieve prosperity within the UN’s Sustainable Development Framework.

COVID-19 has renewed urgency around the topic of food security with the World Food Program warning that the existing inequalities will deepen as a result of the pandemic. It predicts that 265 million people in low and middle-income countries will experience middle or severe food insecurity by the end of 2020. FAO figures show that over 800 million people are already undernourished around the world, with 98% of them residing in developing countries.

More than a quarter of the world’s population does not have secure access to food, yet a third of food created for food consumption is lost or wasted each year.

Sara Roversi, Founder and Chief of Social Mission of Future Food Institute said, “Food security is evolving as one of the main problems that we have to tackle right now. It is imperative that access to food is guaranteed for everyone. We also need to consider the needs of our planet and the importance of diversity, sustainable production practices, clean energy and waste reduction. These are just some of the pillars that, once they are interconnected with each other and our ecosystems, become the key drivers that can secure safe and sustainable food.

“Future Food Institute’s round table tackles the main challenge we have to answer together: turning the public and private sectors in food from simple feeders to seeders of positive change with a cooperative effort to achieve the goals of the Sustainable Development Framework.”

Participants include Maximo Torero from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO, who will discuss on challenges and new issues regarding food security. He will be joined by environmentalist and founder of the non-profit sustainability organisation Forum for the Future, Jonathon Porritt. Dole Food Company’s Pierluigi Sigismondi will represent the industries tackling the problem of food security.

Other guests include Peter Schelstraete from Ubuntoo, Max Schorr from Upworthy and young activists Melati Wijsen, who thanks to her Bye Bye Plastic Bags project is among the 30 Under 30 selected by Forbes Asia, Ugo and Emma Angeletti, who educate kids in turning food waste into compost, and Joshua Williams, who at the age of 5 founded a foundation that has distributed more than 2 million pounds of food to families in need.

Pier Luigi Sigismondi, president of Dole Packaged Foods LLC said, “The impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic could see 265 million additional people pushed to the brink of starvation by the end of this year. That is double the number of 2019. At the same time, the challenges of climate change, resource waste and declining natural resources still must be addressed. We believe it is time for a change, and we are taking action where we can be most effective – within our own business. Our Dole Promise is not just about improving our world today. We have a responsibility to future generations to work towards a more equitable and sustainable future.”

‘Planet, People, Prosperity – A Thriving World for our Future Generation’ will take place at 7am PST, 4pm CET, 10pm SST.

The event will broadcast live on Future Food Institute YouTube channel and across its social media networks. 

To find out more, visit: https://futurefood.network/