Future-thinking Architecture Firm Gets Self-Build Dream off Ground

Future-thinking Architecture Firm Gets Self-Build Dream off Ground: Leads Stylish 4-bed Energy Efficient Build to Completion

A Yorkshire architecture firm has helped an ambitious self-build project with a focus on energy efficient construction transition from concept to reality. Crescent Architecture helped create a unique, stylish and contemporary four bed property, designed with the architecture firm’s energy efficient values in mind. The property will be showcased on More 4’s Building the Dream at 9pm on Tuesday 7 February.

Located on a beautiful site, adjacent to the canal in Boroughbridge, UK, the build utilises its grand positioning perfectly. It makes perfect use of the sun’s rays on the southern elevation to add brightness, while relying on the mature trees in the grounds to provide vital shading during the summer months. A combination of innovation, intelligence and creativity, the project took just over a year to complete once planning permission was granted, enabling the clients to enjoy their first Christmas there just a few weeks ago.

Principal architect Suzanne Fowler revealed, “Our home is something so personal to us, and self-build properties are the ultimate opportunity to build the ideal environment for whoever lives there. It was our pleasure to take on this project, helping our client to realise their vision. We worked in close collaboration with our client to implement energy efficiency techniques, sadly sacrificing some shading and high level ventilation to keep the budget in check. This project faced a lot of hurdles from the site and due to the nature of the finished product but, it has been utterly rewarding.”

The airy, sophisticated property was designed in line with Code 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. To achieve this, features such as highly efficient glazed windows and super insulation timber framed walls were used to compliment the flexible, open plan, and intuitive layout.

After completing this complex project, Crescent Architecture looks forward to further making its mark on Britain’s landscape, helping self-builders to develop  luxuriously stylish properties that sit sympathetically within their surrounding environment.

To find out more about the company’s unique approach to architecture, and to view its impressive portfolio visit www.crescent-architecture.co.uk.


Based in Yorkshire, Crescent Design and Architecture specialises in building energy-efficient, sustainable buildings for both commercial and domestic purposes. With a focus on innovation and new methods of utilising renewable energy, their architectural design service promotes a bright, eco-friendly future.