Game Changing Tech for Food Industry to Exhibit Innovative Features at IDDBA Show

Game Changing Tech for Food Industry to Exhibit Innovative Features at IDDBA Show

Leaders in providing innovative solutions to the food sector, rightly named True Food Innovations, will be revealing how their cutting-edge High Pressure Processing technology can be used to support businesses delivering fresh, healthy products at this year’s IDDBA Show. Combining the latest advances in food and tech, True Food Innovations helps food firms stand out from the crowd and meet growing consumer demand for products free from preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors without comprising shelf life. In fact, often shelf life is expanded up to 10-fold.

The brand’s flagship technology, High Pressure Processing (HPP), will be showcased at the industry leading event in California in June. Thanks to a high level of water pressure, True Food Innovations’ products preserve all nutrients and extend shelf life by up to 90 days. The combination of HPP benefits means the products that incorporate the tech not only appeal to retailers, by reducing waste at store level, but consumers too. Shopper trends demonstrate that consumers are eager to purchase food items that are fresh, organic, and convenient, all of which HPP technology can help industry professionals to achieve.

Kristie Brown, VP of Business Development-Innovation of IDDBA, added “We’re thrilled that True Food Innovations is exhibiting at this year’s IDDBA Show. The brand is leading the way when it comes to turnkey solutions that accurately reflect current market trends and give businesses a competitive advantage.”

Alan True, CEO & Founder of True Food Innovations, said “Over the last several years there’s been a tremendous shift in what the average consumer wants from their products. Shoppers are becoming savvier and taking the time to look at food labelling in search of clean foods with natural ingredients. Our HPP technology ensures that food manufacturers and retailers can use clean labels, appealing to the growing demand for healthier, organic products that are fresh and natural.”

The IDDBA Conference brings together leaders in the industry today and those working on innovations that will shape the future of the sector.

Held in Anaheim, California, June 4 – 6, the event has already confirmed an impressive array of speakers and educational workshops, as well as over 1,900 booths for delegates to explore. More than 9,000 attendees are expected to benefit from the networking and business opportunities present at the show this year.

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