GBSN Research Publishes Web Summit Study Ahead of 2019 Event

GBSN Research Publishes Web Summit Study Ahead of 2019 Event

With the world’s largest tech conference set to take place next week, GBSN Research has published the results of a comprehensive new study which explores sentiment around the event, identifies key trends, consumer attitudes and conversation drivers.

Web Summit will take place in Lisbon, Portugal next week (4-7 November, 2019) with entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, corporate leaders and technology experts from across the globe gathering to understand what drives, inspires and is likely to be front of mind for attendees across the next 12 months. Whistle-blower Edward Snowden and former Prime Minister Tony Blair are amongst the confirmed speakers.

With some of the most influential figures in the technology space set to debate existing and emerging trends to the fast-moving backdrop of new development and ever more dynamic consumer engagement strategies, the GBSN Research Web Summit research paper provides detailed insight and actionable market intelligence.

The study, carried out over three months between July and October, analysed thousands of global social impressions about Web Summit 2019. It assessed mentions of the event from 105 countries in 47 different languages to identify event trends, sources, sentiment and conversation drivers.

Data analysis of the social media listening and media monitoring discovered five topics stand out as the main conversation drivers: attendee experience; speaker announcements; business and individual attendees; ticket pricing and side activities.

The study findings indicate a significant gender gap, with just 35% of women mentioning the event in the study period. Diverse job titles and descriptions were engaged online in the run up to the event, ranging from management to admin and sales. Twitter, news websites and articles produced 82% of mentions about Web Summit; while the topics and languages analysis found attendees tend to share news and updates about the event in English. ALPHA startups were found to be the most active online and try to increase their visibility with several posts about their presence at the Web Summit.

Speaker announcements grabbed a large share of news coverage and social conversation in the event run up, with a notable spike as Edward Snowden was announced as speaker.

Keywords like “biggest tech event” and “largest tech event” were among the most mentioned phrases, leading to a total of 26% of positive mentions. News of the event being totally cashless this year and Women in Tech, the event initiative to build a more inclusive and diverse tech industry were the major contributors of the spikes registered in Sep. 3 and Oct 2.

Social media attention was found to focus on tech companies and start-ups attending. GBSN Research concluded that positive content focused overwhelmingly on the Summit’s reputation as the ‘biggest’ tech event in the world, networking opportunities and excitement about attending. Negative sentiment meanwhile was concentrated on the presence of Edward Snowden as speaker.

Cady Bocum, co-founder at GBSN Research, said, “Our research study has uncovered a host of actionable insights for those attending the event. Attendees see Web Summit as a networking powerhouse for example, with opportunities to find a new job and customers as well as unearth trends and meet vendors that will shape the development of the tech industry in years to come.”

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