GDPR Expert Urges Businesses and Organisations to View Regulations as a Valuable, Trust Building Opportunity

GDPR Expert Urges Businesses and Organisations to View Regulations as a Valuable, Trust Building Opportunity

While businesses have focused on the challenges related to the incoming EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), one expert is urging organisations to consider the opportunities it brings.

Hitesh Mistry, Founder of GDPR Tracker, said, “A lot of the GDPR related news has centred on the additional budget, resources, and tasks that businesses will need to take on to be compliant. But they’re missing out on the benefits and additional opportunities that successfully implementing GDPR and demonstrating the values it underpins can bring.

“GDPR is all about protecting personal data of customers and leads. Having clear, effective procedures in place that match the GDPR standards can actually help SMEs to gain client confidence and trust. In the digital age, how data is used and stored has become a top concern for tech-savvy consumers. GDPR gives them the reassurance that they’re protected, and it could be just what smaller businesses need to grow their market share and create a loyal customer base to tap into.”

The new personal data regulations come into force on 25th May 2018 and affect all organisations that hold data on individuals. However, despite a two-year transition period, many firms have yet to take the steps necessary to ensure they’re compliant. With the majority of businesses holding some form of personal data, such as an email address, and the potential for fines to reach up to 4% of global annual turnover or €20 million, it’s becoming critical for firms that operate within the economic bloc to start taking action.

The GDPR Tracker was designed to solve this problem. The innovative online tool creates downloadable reports that are tailored to each user to deliver a blueprint for GDPR compliance. Through providing ready to fill in policies and templates and pinpointing exactly what needs to be undertaken, GDPR Tracker makes planning and taking the necessary steps as simple as possible, helping SMEs to avoid potential sanctions.

Mistry added, “It’s vital that businesses start taking a look at the steps they need to be taking ahead of the May 2018 deadline now, as it can take a while to put the necessary procedures in place. But by focusing on

the benefits, it can help organisations to see the steps as a business investment that will pay off in the future.”

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