Get personal to avoid wedding gift returns and regifting says retailer

Get personal to avoid wedding gift returns and regifting says retailer

A top UK gift retailer is reporting that the trend for regifting — giving unwanted or unused presents away as gifts for others — is on the rise, especially amongst newlyweds. GiftPup is urging this year’s wedding guests to think outside the box in the run up to the big day, selecting something more personal to the happy couple to avoid embarrassing returns and regifting.

A survey carried out earlier this summer by GiftPup discovered that 43% would happily regift an unwanted present, with an additional 17% saying they would certainly consider doing so. The findings also showed that more than one third of wedding guests spend days hunting for the perfect present, putting a lot of thought into selecting something they believe the bride and groom would appreciate. These figures suggest that there is a growing disconnect between the gifts wedding guests are purchasing, and what brides and grooms are really hoping to receive.

“No one wants to spend ages hunting down the perfect gift, only for the recipient to give it away to someone else, but at the same time we completely understand that many newlyweds are receiving gifts that they can’t use, or that they simply don’t like,” says GiftPup Product Manager, Emily Ford. “And that’s exactly why we’ve created our very own line of personalised wedding gifts, making it easy for guests to order something unique and thoughtful that the happy couple won’t ever want to part with.”

GiftPup’s extensive range of personalised wedding gifts is a perfect antidiote to the regifting trend and comes at a time more traditional wedding gifts are still given in full force, despite significant societal changes. Common wedding gifts include kitchen appliances and homewares, stemming from a time when couples would typically remain at home until married. However, with the majority of couples now choosing to live together before marriage, the needs and expectations of newlyweds are changing.

The personalised wedding gift range at GiftPup is designed to facilitate a shift from traditional gifts to more contemporary offerings that brides and grooms will truly appreciate. The product line includes high quality canvas prints, photo puzzles, customised money boxes, and even bespoke blankets. Many of the gifts can be personalised with photos, names and wedding dates.

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