Get the Competitive Edge with Raquex: The Ultimate Choice for Sports Enthusiasts

Get the Competitive Edge with Raquex: The Ultimate Choice for Sports Enthusiasts

Born from a passion for helping players to reach their full potential, a new grip, racket, and kit brand is making waves in the world of hockey and racket sports. Launched by former competitive squash player Olly Rose, Raquex products are designed with the amateur and professional sportsperson in mind.

Rose’s passion for sports began at an early age, and he grew up playing squash at a county-A level and had the chance to compete in an England tournament. Through playing competitively, he recognised that many of the products available lacked the level of quality necessary to allow sports devotees to excel in their field.

With a commitment to excellence and performance enhancement, Raquex offers a wide range of products that cater to the needs of both tennis and squash players, as well as hockey enthusiasts. It’s this dedication to providing specialist equipment that’s centred on the player that sets Raquex apart, and enables them to stand out from other, big-name brands.

“For players to maintain a competitive edge out on the court or field, the design of the equipment they use should prioritise function as well as comfort”, says Olly Rose, Founder of Raquex. “When creating our grips and overgrips, I brought my own experience to the process to develop the types of products I know athletes will love to use.”

The Raquex Enhance Replacement Racquet Grips are suitable for all rackets and come in a variety of colours. Slightly thicker than the average grip, they provide unparalleled comfort for the player so that they can continue to perform at their optimum throughout the match.

For those looking for extra support during competitions, the Raquex Evolve Racket Overgrips (5-pack) feature a V-pattern design to direct moisture away from the grip. The premium, durable material also boasts slightly tacky finish with a soft feel, so players can rest assured their grip will truly enrich their a-game.

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