GIC Capital Highlights the Benefits of Their Portfolio Builder for Those Keen to Expand Their Property Portfolio

GIC Capital Highlights the Benefits of Their Portfolio Builder for Those Keen to Expand Their Property Portfolio

The UK property market still holds a lot of potential for savvy investors, but uncertainty is making it more difficult to access the expansion capital needed to tap into lucrative growth areas. Specialist finance provider GIC Capital is urging experienced landlords, investors, and property traders to seek the finance they need elsewhere.

Kennedy Zvenyika, Manage Director of GIC Capital, said, “Brexit has caused many of the traditional high street lenders to take a more cautious approach when it comes to investing in all business ideas, including those within the property sector. But there’s still a housing crisis and it’s an issue many council leaders are acknowledging. Despite Prime Minister Theresa May pledging £2 billion to fund homes last year, many Conservative party members have commented that it doesn’t go far enough, demonstrating the continued demand.

“Of course, the housing crisis doesn’t mitigate all the risks and investors in the property sector need to take the time to understand where the fast growing market hotspots are. However, there are still areas that can generate significant returns, whether landlords are looking for their next rental property or investors want to back profit generating projects.”

GIC Capital is a dedicated provider of finance and among the organisation’s offering is its competitive 100% LTV portfolio builder capital. It’s been specifically designed for those that already have an understanding of the property sector, providing the vital capital needed to take advantage of today’s opportunities. It’s the ideal option for keen investors that are equity rich but options poor that want to rapidly grow their property portfolio while taking advantage of the low interest rates and market circumstances.

The flexible approach to funding growing property portfolios means GIC Capital provides a critical alternative to high street lenders.

Zvenyika added, “The changing approach of traditional lenders means that many potential and experienced invests are being left out, it’s not only harming their personal options but the wider economy too. It’s important that much needed property developments, in both residential and commercial, receive the backing they need to go ahead.”

As well as its dedicated property sector loan options, GIC Capital also provides a range of essential SME lending options, including competitive business loans, bridging loans, and business overdraft facilities, to match the needs of small but ambitious firms.

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