GIC Capital offers alternative financing options to SMEs struggling to access funding needed for growth

GIC Capital offers alternative financing options to SMEs struggling to access funding needed for growth

As SMEs in the UK continue to struggle to access the appropriate funding needed to facilitate growth, a capital funding provider is helping small to medium sized enterprises with a tailored approach to financing that matches them with privately owned investment companies.

GIC Capital, a company that offers business loans, retail overdrafts and expansion capital, is keen to reach out to the 55% of SMEs in the UK that are unable to secure the appropriate finance to meet their individual needs.

A report conducted by SME lender Liberis has found that for many businesses, the speed that funding can be obtained to help them grow is of the utmost importance. 22% of businesses need funding to help them maintain the day-to-day running of their organization, while 5% of new SMEs require finance to help them survive past the first year of business.

Kennedy Zvenyika, Managing Director of GIC Capital said: “Whether an SME is in its early stages or is well-established and is now attempting to grow, sourcing the appropriate funding is always crucial for businesses.

“Unfortunately, many SME owners lack the confidence and awareness that is needed to properly look for the finance they need and obtain it as well, and without the relevant guidance, many could find themselves running into financial difficulty.

“Through strong connections with substantial privately owned investment companies and an innate passion to get to know the companies that we work with inside out we are able to provide effective funding that can help companies grow or simply maintain themselves at the level they are currently working at.”

GIC Capital offers a number of different funding options for SMEs that are keen to expand including business overdrafts, which work in the same way as traditional bank overdrafts, giving businesses access to finance as and when they need it and providing them with a flexible approach to financing.

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