Gifts for teacher soar more than 250% as school lets out for the summer

Gifts for teacher soar more than 250% as school lets out for the summer

The UK’s teachers are set to enjoy their best summer ever as the trend of giving a gift to teacher has soared by more than 250% this year. According to research carried out by GiftPup, there has been a surge in parents and students presenting their favourite teacher with a gift at the end of the school year.

The personalised gift retailer has seen demand for teacher-friendly gifts such as mugs, notebooks, personalised classroom doormats and confectionary leap by 253% this summer. Many teacher gifts are given at the end of the summer term, with parents of children moving to new schools and graduating to a higher year particularly keen to show their appreciation, but back to school presents are also increasing in popularity.

Mark Shooter, head of product design at GiftPup said, “Giving a gift to the teacher is a unique way to show appreciation. There is so much more to a teacher than just teaching, they help to spark new passions and interests, they support, encourage and inspire and at the end of the year they wave goodbye to one set of students, ready for the next. It’s a difficult job, and needless to say, a teacher deserves a lot of thanks. An increasing number of pupils (and parents) are recognising this and choosing to buy their teacher a small gift to say thank you at the end of the school year.

“Our range of gifts for teachers is the perfect small token of appreciation – the most popular items this year have been cufflinks, key rings and mugs, all personalised in a range of different ways including with the teacher’s name and affectionate slogans such as ‘best teacher ever’ or ‘best maths teacher’. These aren’t expensive items but thoughtful gifts to say thank you.”

While parents and students are flocking to say thank you at the end of term, teachers also say they truly appreciate the kind gesture. A survey of 1,200 teachers carried out by the parenting website mumsnet last year found almost half of teacher would value any present.

GiftPup product manager Emily Ford says smaller more personal gifts are more popular than expensive tokens, “The 253% increase in gifts for teachers shows this is a rapidly developing tradition being embraced by families around the country. We know not all can afford to give an expensive gift – and many teachers don’t expect a present- so our advice is always to give something that’s thoughtful and meaningful, along with a heartfelt note or card, rather than focusing on spending above a certain amount.”

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