Global EDM producer makes waves on social media channels with inspiring messages


A Dubai-based EDM producer who is now showcasing his music on a more global scale is being recognised by a number of famous people on different social networks.

Shuja Rabbani, a DJ and music producer who already has an impressive three albums under his belt, has now started to garner support from some of the music industry’s most elite performers and producers, most-notably Grammy award-winning rapper Missy Elliot, who now follows the rising star on Twitter.

Other famous faces cottoning onto Rabbani’s talent include actor and activist Jesse James who starred in Grey’s Anatomy, and Madonna’s make-up artist Aaron Henrikson, who both now follow him as well.

While many bloggers use social media as a tool to promote their lavish lifestyle, frequently posting pictures of flashy cars and expensive designer outfits, Rabbani has actively chosen to use his presence online to support a more worthy cause.

By using social channels not only to express his passion for music but also to interact online as a social activist and discuss world issues affecting people from all areas of the globe, Rabbani has ensured that he has gained a diverse group of followers.

Rabbani now creates polls on trending topics on Twitter, some of which are receiving an impressive amount of traction, most notably with one about women in Saudi Arabia being allowed to drive, which gained over 16,000 votes.

Shuja Rabbani said: “If you’re any type of an artist in the current state of the world, you are by default an activist too. I think artists have a great gift of giving their message in the most peaceful form through their talents and work and they can use their influence to bring about positive change in the world.”

While social media may be keeping Rabbani busy at the moment, he is still making a lot of time for his music, having produced over 80 music tracks since the release of his most recent album.

Anyone looking for more information about Rabbani and the work he does can visit his personal website at: