Global Gaming Platform Examines Smartphone Impact

Global Gaming Platform Examines Smartphone Impact

As leading names in business and tech suggest the smartphone may soon be about to join other ‘dead’ technologies such as the pager or the fax machine, MyRealGames is predicting how this could affect the gaming sector. According to the Entertainment Software Association’s 2016 Essential Facts report, 36% of games are currently played on a smartphone device, highlighting the dramatic impact the demise of such technology would have.

Global news outlet, The Independent, and IT industry magazine, ZDNet, shared their theories of the smartphone’s upcoming extinction this April. Both suggest it may be replaced by innovative wearable technology such as smart glasses, as well as the rise of augmented and virtual reality (VR). While there are many specialist VR headsets used within the world of gaming, the loss of the smartphone altogether would also mean the particular style of games that are enjoyed on traditional mobile devices could face a similar fate.

Nikolai Veselov from commented, “As new innovations arise, the technology before that is ultimately phased out and now it seems that the smartphone is about to become one of these old fashioned tools. If so, this will leave a huge gap in the gaming market.

“Compared to the games typically enjoyed on VR type headsets, tipped to be the smartphone replacement, conventional mobile games are more traditional, faced paced and with much simpler, shorter gameplay. If hardware such as Google Glass was to become the norm, developers would need to adapt this familiar style of game to suit the new interface – the need for ‘pick up and play’ portable fun will never die down.”

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