Global Indian Podcast Launches New Series on The History of Indianness

Global Indian Podcast Launches New Series on The History of Indianness

Global Indian Series, a leading content platform sharing stories and insights into the lives of people of Indian origin has launched a new series as part of their Global Indian Podcast. The new series, discussing the often-forgotten history of Indianness, promises to be a series like no other, with new episodes releasing weekly.


Despite having a population of 1.3 billion and over 40 million people of Indian origin across the globe, the history of ethnic minorities and diaspora communities are often neglected in mainstream media. This new series will plunge deep into these stories and shed light on the migration of communities and how it reshapes our ideas of national borders and identity. It is also the first time in history where global names are coming together on an extraordinarily immersive series.


The immersive Global Indian platform has continually asked readers the fundamental questions that make up our perception of identity, unpicking uncomfortable questions that challenge perceptions of religious history, perceived sense of national identity through skin colour and other physical attributes. At a time when identity and borders have become more fractured than ever, Global Indian Series will unpick the meaning of belonging.

Podcast episodes are hosted by Rajan Nazran, Chief Explorer of Global Indian Series who has spent the past 15 years travelling across over 58 countries to build a living encyclopaedia of the human experience. In the new series, Rajan will share thought-provoking discussions on topics as broad as the lost tribes of the Roma community, and the movements that brought modern day faith to India. No stone will be left unturned in discovering the remarkable movements of Indian people that have reshaped the subcontinent – and the world.

In the first episode of the series, Rajan is joined by Alex Beeching, Head of Content for Global Indian Series, for an in depth and unfiltered discussion on the linguistic, ethnic, cultural, and religious ties that bind Iran to India.

Speaking on the new series, Rajan Nazran said, “I’m thrilled to be releasing this new series as part of the Global Indian Podcast. It will be a unique series that beautifully engages and asks pertinent questions around the ideas of nationalism, identity, and politics which will bring new meaning to our own definitions of national borders.”

He continues, “Ever since I became fascinated with the concept of identity, I’ve been travelling the globe to discover the realities of the human experience, and this new series will be an extension of everything I learnt during my travels. I am delighted that many renowned global figures from Heads of state through to celebrities have lent their voices to support to this series”

The new series is available to listen on the Global Indian Series website, or on all major podcast listening platforms.

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