Global Indian Podcast Sparks Outrage as It Uncovers the True History of Indianness

Global Indian Podcast Sparks Outrage as It Uncovers the True History of Indianness

UK-based content platform, Global Indian Series has sparked outrage online after the first episode of their much-anticipated History of Indianness series uncovered the unlikely history of India and the linguistic, racial, cultural, and religious ties that bind the country, and Hinduism, to Iran.

In the episode, Global Indian Podcast uncovered the unique foundations of classical Hinduism, that’s origins lie further outside India than many had previous believed. In response, the platform faced backlash from outraged listeners across India and beyond vehemently denying and attacking the notion of Hinduism that goes against the commonly held perceptions of India’s most prominent religion.

At a time when censorship in India is at its peak, with the Government being widely criticised for silencing protests, criminalising dissent, controlling digital content, and blocking access to the internet – especially in relation to anti-nationalist ideologies – the influx of misplaced hate comes as no surprise to the team at Global Indian Series.

“Think you know your brown history? Think again”, says Rajan Nazran, Chief Explorer of Global Indian Series who – with his team – spent over 40 hours researching the factual and validated sources that made the content for the 40-minute podcast episode. This research provided a second look at Indianness and highlighted how most modern-day Indians and Iranians can trace their joint ancestry back to the same tribe that lived 2-3000 years ago.

Speaking on the controversy, Rajan Nazran said, “Of course no one wants to be the subject of hate and outrage online, but it was expected as soon as we started piecing together the facts for the podcast episode. We’re dedicated to providing hard-hitting journalism, no matter how hard-to-swallow this information might be, we’re proud of what we’ve shared with our listeners.

I truly believe that we are far greater united than separated, but unfortunately the information we shared goes against a newly believed notion of Indianness, but that won’t stop us in our mission to plunge into the real human experience of the world’s largest diaspora.”

Despite widespread outrage from right wing members, Global Indian Series shows no sign of backing down in the face of hate. In the second episode of the series, the podcast has brought together a formidable group of historians, former heads of state, playwrights, and social commentators in an, equally as hard-hitting, discussion on the almost-forgotten world of Indentureship and the silent sugar war.

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