Global Migrate Sees Massive 180% Increase in Canadian Visa Enquiries

Global Migrate Sees Massive 180% Increase in Canadian Visa Enquiries

Established immigration consultancy, Global Migrate, is playing a large role in aiding Canada to fill its 1 million job vacancies. According to the firm, the number of Canadian immigration inquiries has risen by a staggering 180% in recent years.

Global Migrate specialises in providing eligibility assessments to thousands of customers to help them determine whether they will be able to fulfil their dream of moving abroad, using the most current visa and immigration legislation. In the past year, the consultancy has noticed a huge spike in the number of applicants for Canadian visas, particularly the Express Entry Route.

According to the firm, the surge in inquiries is highest amongst those aged 35—40 years old where demand has increased by 260%. However, the consistently high numbers of young people hoping to pack up their bags and move to Canada is no surprise to Global Migrate, who have seen a steady flow of inquiries for those eligible for the under-30s 2-year work visa that includes free schooling; healthcare and other national benefits from the day they land.

Global Migrate is passionate about helping its clients take the first step towards their new life, helping them to navigate the 60 different immigration programmes for Canada, and continually monitoring their application’s progress to make sure that they are processed as quickly as possible.

Naman Singh, Chief Operating Officer at Global Migrate says, “It’s easy to see why so many people would want to move to Canada; with the beautiful scenery, friendly locals, and over a million job opportunities waiting. We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of inquiries into our Canadian visa services and we’ve been so happy to help so many people realise their dreams of living and working abroad.

With over 16 years of experience working in the immigration industry, Global Migrate is a go-to consultancy for anyone who is thinking of packing up their bags and moving to Canada. The consultancy has over 70 qualified consultants and is fully accredited to give everyone the support they need throughout the visa application process.

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