GM Supplies brings consumer convenience to catering businesses

GM Supplies brings consumer convenience to catering businesses

Leading supplier of high quality catering equipment, GM Supplies, is taking a different approach to the commercial sector by delivering a level of service and convenience typically associated with the consumer market. The firm has established a reputation for making its products and services accessible to businesses and public sector organisations alike. Now the launch of its new website is set to further boost ease of shopping through the dedicated site.

Consumers shopping for appliances online have come to expect speed, availability and a high level of customer service. But the commercial sector has been lagging behind. GM Supplies is set to change that by bridging the gap in service between the two sectors. Th company benefits businesses and organisations across the country by delivering the products they need fast and by having an experienced, committed team on hand to answer queries. The level of service perfectly complements GM Supplies’ extensive range of catering equipment from respected brands, including Lincat cooking equipment, Classeq glass and dishwashers and Blizzard bar coolers.

Gavin McKew, Director of GM Supplies, said, “Technology means it’s become simpler and more efficient to shop for products that you need from a consumer perspective but when it comes to the commercial sector, it’s still catching up. The launch of the GM Supplies website gives businesses the same level of convenience that consumers benefit from. It’s mobile optimised for on the go browsing, has an effective search widget so shoppers can always find what they want and PayPal one click checkout. The range of features is bringing the process of purchasing commercial catering equipment into the digital age.”

GM Supplies doesn’t just deliver the equipment that businesses and organisations need either. The firm has an in-house team of talented designers to take projects from concept to completion. Covering some of the kitchens in the UK’s largest venues, GM Supplies provides professional services to design, plan and supply kitchens. Working with leading firms and public sector organisations, including schools and hospitals, has given GM Supplies a unique insight in how to deliver solutions that work for each customer.

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