Going Toilet Paper Free Could Save Brits a Small Fortune, Says Cheeky Wipes

Going Toilet Paper Free Could Save Brits a Small Fortune, Says Cheeky Wipes

Many Brits may not be able to imagine ditching the loo roll in favour of reusable wipes but one environmental brand, Cheeky Wipes, has successfully encouraged thousands of customers to take the plunge and say goodbye to disposable toilet paper for good – to the delight of customers and their bank accounts.

Cheeky Wipes, which sell a range of cost-effective, reusable household items such as wet wipes, makeup wipes, period care, and their popular toilet paper alternative kit, offer customers simple eco-friendly swaps to make their everyday lives much easier.

The brand, whose HQ has been toilet-paper free for the last 6 years guarantees customers that their eco-friendly solution is much easier – and a lot less gross – than people may think.

“To go toilet paper free, all you need to do is store some of our cotton flannel wipes in your bathroom, keeping them soaked in water and essential oil wipes solution for poo, or use dry after having a wee. Then, keep your used wipes in our storage box until you have a wash on – remember to wash at 40 degrees with anti-bacterial laundry solution or 60 degrees hot water wash before reusing them again,” explains, Cheeky Wipes Founder, Helen Rankin.

It’s not just Cheeky Wipes who have been loving the toilet paper free life, many customers are also raving about their latest switch. As one happy customer writes, “I wouldn’t go without cheeky wipes anymore, they have replaced regular toilet roll or disposable wipes for us and I’m not looking back!” Another saying, “I have now ordered two of the toilet paper replacement kits and they are excellent. So easy to set up and use, easy to wash and so much better for your body and the environment than toilet paper.”

Not only does going toilet paper free help customers do their bit for the environment, but cloth wipes are much gentler on sensitive skin and offer a much more affordable option for Brits who are trying to save this year.

Starting at just £49.99 for the full kit, the toilet-paper free bundle from Cheeky Wipes contains 50 reusable toilet wipes, 2 containers for fresh and mucky wipes, 1 bottle of ‘Fresh Wipes’ essential oil blend, and 1 bottle of Tea Tree & Tea Tree Lemon ‘Mucky Wipes’ essential oil blend, which can be purchased online at the Cheeky Wipes website.

To find out more about the toilet paper alternative kit at Cheeky Wipes, visit www.cheekywipes.com

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