Ground-breaking new videoVet service allows pet lovers to make informed decisions on pet health remotely

Ground-breaking new videoVet service allows pet lovers to make informed decisions on pet health remotely

Pet lovers around the country can now get instant access to a qualified vet regardless of their location and without an appointment thanks to a brand-new service launched by the pioneering veterinary professionals, videoVet.

videoVet is a flexible online veterinary practice which connects owners with a veterinarian in minutes via a mobile app. The app makes qualified vets available for care and advice daily, between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm.

The unique online system deploys personalised, customer-focused televeterinary tools to bring excellence into the pet owner’s home.  The solution, which mimics the growing trend of telemedicine for humans, is designed to support and strengthen rather than replace the pet owner’s relationship with their existing vet. An online appointment can be arranged in just a few minutes and the consultation carried out via video through the app.

With the cost of visiting a vet for routine care rising steadily, videoVet also offers cost savings and pet owners can expect to pay significantly less for an appointment, without compromising the health and wellbeing of their pet.

Although the typical dog requires 2.7 routine appointments per year and the average cat around 2.2 per annum, the team at videoVet has discovered that certain ailments and conditions can be treated effectively remotely. These include issues such as senior care, chronic disease care, skin disease follow-ups, benign masses monitoring, end of life decision-making and behavioural and training advice – all of which videoVet can carry out online without the stress of a visit to the vets unless necessary.

With over 25 years of experience in veterinary care, CEO of videoVet Dr Des Groome came up with the idea of combining his firsthand knowledge with cutting-edge technology to transform the way animal welfare is managed.

Dr Groome said, “As a veterinary futurist with 25 years experience in the UK, Middle East, US and Ireland, I established videoVet after recognising that they way consumers access services is changing. To see a vet in your own home, is revolutionizing access to veterinary expertise. Our service saves time and removes the stress a vet vist can cause a pet for minor issues that can be managed at home.

The emphasis of the videoVet service is on preventative veterinary healthcare, making pet care advice more easily accessible owners and helping them to decide when their dog or cat requires a visit to their primary vets. The ability to connect with a vet in moments can also stop pet owners self-diagnosing or seeking out misinformation on the best treatment for their beloved furry friend and instead get excellent quality advice from a time served professional.”

To get started with videoVet, owners simply need to register their pet’s details online, spend a few moments in an online waiting room while being connected to a qualified vet and then have an online video consultation. After the consultation, an online prescription can be provided for medication if necessary.

With a single consultation costing just £20 and an annual membership of £50 per pet, per year, videoVet safeguards pet owners from the rising cost of vet consultations and allows instant peace of mind when there are health or wellbeing concerns.

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