Growing Pressure on Care Services Demands That Sector Takes Steps to Improve Recruitment

Growing Pressure on Care Services Demands That Sector Takes Steps to Improve Recruitment

By 2040 it’s estimated that almost one in seven Brits will be aged over 75, placing further pressure on an already strained care system. It’s essential that steps are taken to improve recruitment and other areas of the sector in order to meet rising demand, according to forward thinking firm Novacare, which develops leading software with the care industry in mind.

Stephen Wilson, Director of Novacare, said, “Medical advances mean that almost a third of babies born today can expect to live to 100 and as further pioneering research is conducted, we expect to see the figure to continue climbing. It’s excellent news for society and a real achievement for those working in the healthcare sector. But that progress does come at a cost, including the burden it places on our already stretched care services.

“We’re already seeing the effects of an ageing population, with many organisations struggling to find professional, trained staff to fill essential vacancies. It’s a problem that needs to be tackled now, before it reaches crises point and leads to the quality of care delivered in the UK dropping. That means taking steps to encourage people to enter the care profession, overhauling current recruitment process, and building a toolkit of tech tools to streamline tasks.”

Novacare is using technology to improve the way organisations within the care industry recruit. By creating a single platform with multiple recruitment related capabilities, such as the power to automated message to candidates and conduct online interviews, the software makes it easier than ever before for businesses to recruit.

Wilson added, “Recruitment is such an essential part of operating a successful care business. Get it wrong and firms can fail on quality standards and customer satisfaction, resulting in profits dropping and the potential for further action to be taken against them. The Novacare platform has been crafted to help firms find, shortlist, interview, and hire people in real time to ensure every team member is the right fit.”

The recruitment platform is just the first in a planned collection of tools designed specifically for the care sector to be released by Novacare. The innovative business has a vision to provide care businesses with intuitive technology that supports their aims, allowing them to focus on delivering care to patients.

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